Staycation is the much-need time off without having to go too far from the comforts of your home or the hotel you are staying in. From compounding the words ‘stay’ and ‘vacation’. The concept breaks the norm of traveling to places to enjoy the beach or even flying to a different country for an exotic adventure.

Ready for your staycation?

Now, here are the seven tips on how you can enjoy your staycation without actually going anywhere:

Enjoy Picnic Time

Prepare a checkered blanket and a cute basket (a requirement for aesthetics purposes), pack up some wine and finger foods, and go to your nearest park with the whole family. This is the chance to bond over chips and talk about anything and everything under the sun (yes, as the saying goes). You can bring your dog and run around all day too. If done alone, you can bring a book to read or write poetry while lying on the ground.

Rearrange Your Bedroom

To give your room a different look, you can clean and decorate it so you will feel brand new for a change. Plus, we know that you are going to reminisce about the memories brought by the things you have kept inside your room. If still have the energy, you can clean the whole house as well.

Catch Up On Your Reading

The hot titles that you have bought a long time ago are waiting for you. This is the best opportunity to get those books that you have been eyeing to read for quite some time. It does not matter whether you choose fictional or self-help reads. You can stay in the hammock in your backyard or anywhere you find silence & comfort and let yourself be carried away.

Learn a New Skill

You can try cooking that sumptuous dish from the recipe books. It’s okay if it will not taste good, no pressure. Either, you can start on that cute DIY project. And yes, it is completely fine if the expectation is different from reality.

Unplug From Social Media

Make real moments by taking a break from all your devices and vow to only check them for a short period (or not at all). Not only this will strengthen your bond with the people around you but it also refreshes your mind from aimlessly scrolling the feed. This may seem daunting at first but once you get the hang of it, your smartphone might not be the first thing to look for the moment you wake up. It will not hurt even just for a few days to do have a digital detox, isn’t it?

Do Nothing At All

Give a try to explore the art of doing nothing. Once in a while, this is necessary. Did you know that it is healthy for your well-being? Do not feel guilty for not being constantly busy because you can take naps and binge-watch your favorite shows in your sweatpants in this so-called ‘lazy activity.’

Have a Hot Tub Experience

Hot tubs for sale are now available in the market. You can have this pampering yet restoring activity alone as a form of self-love or you can bond together with your loved ones right at your home. Who would not want to get those benefits while having a staycation?

It is time for some leisure and relaxation right here and right now! We know that you deserve to take a break from everything by just enjoying a picnic, decorating your room, reading books, learning a new skill, unplugging on social media, doing nothing at all, and getting a hot tub experience at the comfort of your own home.