Yes you can, experience the quality of our LDPE material! Request free LDPE material samples. We will be happy to send it to you! Of course we have many satisfied customers who want to show you the Welltubs! Send us an e-mail and we will see if there is anyone in the area where you can watch a Welltub.

Welltub strives for fast delivery of every hottub. That is why Welltub makes sure that the hottubs are in stock and ready for shipment as soon as possible after ordering. In case of an urgent order Welltub can, in consultation, ensure that the hottub is ready for shipment within a few hours.

Welltub wants the hot tub to be completely dedicated to relaxation and enjoyment. That is why Welltub assembles every hot tub completely. In order to be able to deliver the hottub to you in perfect condition, the hottub is firmly packed and placed on the side on a pallet. All you have to do is remove the stove pipe and the loose accessories from the hottub before you put the hottub in place.

Each Welltub is designed so that it not only saves water, but, compared to traditional hot tubs, the water is also quickly warmed up. When the hot tub is filled with cold tap water, the water will be at temperature with a good and constant fire within two hours.

It is different for each person what the optimal temperature of the water is for full enjoyment. You can therefore monitor the temperature of the water yourself and easily control it with the stove. The recommended temperature that Welltub uses is 37°C.

Bathroom cleaners are ideal for cleaning the hot tub. What you should not use for cleaning your hot tub is chlorine, soda and aggressive detergents as these can seriously damage the aluminium stove.

Each hottub comes with an instruction manual from your retailer on how to use the hottub and keep it clean. The stove pipe must fit exactly in the intended connection of the stove. This ensures that leaking soot, which can be caused by soot formation and moisture in the stove pipe, ends up in the stove and not in the water.

For each Welltub there are various covers available. Welltub offers various lids such as an insulated lid or a plastic lid and therefore leaves the choice with the customer

If there is moisture in your stove, fortunately the heater is not leaking and the water present is often condensation or rainwater. This is because the temperature differences can cause condensation to form in your heater.

Welltub has several staircases is the assortment. If you are going to install the hottub then a staircase will not always be necessary. However, should you have difficulty walking, a ladder is recommended as standard.

Main points.

Never light the stove without water in the hot tub or let the water out of the hot tub while the stove is still burning, this can seriously damage your hot tub and stove.
Always make sure that the water in the bath is at least 8 cm below the rim before lighting the stove!
Do not touch the stove while it is in use.
Do not leave water out of the hot tub while the stove is still burning.
Do not leave children alone with your hot tub.
Never let the hot tub get warmer than 37 degrees.
Only use the hot tub where it is made for.
Never let the water in the hot tub freeze.
Ensure that electrical equipment is earthed near the hot tub.
If in doubt about the water quality, let the water out of the hottub and clean the hottub. Then refill the hot tub with clean water.