Since the holiday is coming, no one would dare to throw up a pool party anymore due to the cold weather. However, because there are lots of hot tubs for sale available everywhere, having a pool party is still possible even in this coming cold season. Throwing up a hot tub party is a perfect welcoming event for this coming holiday, and we have listed below essential tips to throwing the ultimate hot tub soiree.

Make Sure to Get Your Hot Tub Ready

Having a hot tub party is the best way to have fun with your family and friends and keep them entertained for hours. To ensure that you have the best hot tubs, you can always look for hot tubs for sale to maximize your experience. Moreover, don’t forget to install a hot tub umbrella to shade guests as they relax and soak. It’s also worth having spare towels on hand in case one or more of your guests forgot to bring their own.

Set a Theme

To make your hot tub party look more appealing and enticing, set up a theme. Either it’s a vintage swimsuit party theme or a tropical fiesta theme, it will ensure that your guest will enjoy the party. Welltub offers different types of hot tubs, depending on your theme to make it easier for you to set up everything. Furthermore, it also essential to prepare your decorations, music, and food in line with the theme you’ve chosen. And lastly, don’t forget to inform all your guests about the theme in case they need to dress accordingly.

Lessen Your Invite List

While it is true that the more, the merrier, a hot tub party is a lot more intimate compared to a large pool party. Besides, only a few people can use the hot tub. When buying a hot tub for your private event, you can always choose a bigger size if you are expecting more guests. Also, to avoid crowding, you can always ask them to use the hot tub in shifts.

Plan the Food and Drinks

It is always wise to keep the food simple yet fun to eat. Usually, we recommend light finger foods since not everyone likes to swim on a full stomach. A barbeque, for example, is simple to cook and doesn’t need too much time to prepare. We highly suggest that you should choose foods that are the least hassle to prepare and cook. Foods that will enable you to mingle with guests while supplying them with treats. Moreover, your guest is prone to dehydration while in the hot tub, so make sure you provide them with plenty of water or flavored sodas and beers.

Set up a Background Music

Aside from your hot tub party theme, you can also create a playlist on your music library and add all your favorite songs to it. However, make sure that it complements your chosen party theme. To make it more fun, you can ask your guests to give you a selection of their favorite music that you can add to your party playlist before the big day.


While setting up a hot tub party might be a daunting task at first, it will surely be worth it. Once everything is prepared, all you need to do is to have fun and create memorable moments with your family or friends.