The Welltub plastic hot tubs with an external heater are the most user-friendly hot tubs on the market.

Hot Tubs with An Outdoor Heater

A plastic Hot tub with a heater outside the bath is also called a plastic hot tub with an external heater, or Hot tub with an external heater. Through a supply hose in the bath – as soon as you start filling the bath – water runs automatically to the stove.

The stove has a double wall and therefore contains a lot of water around the fire. This creates a large area where heat transfer takes place. As soon as the fire heats up the water, the warm water in the double walls will rise, just like warm air, warm water rises and rises.

At the top of the stove, the water finds an exit to the bath and will find its way back to the bath completely naturally. Once in the bath, the hot water will rise further and manifest itself on the surface. As a result of this movement, the stove will slowly drain, and as a result, it will automatically attract cold water via the lower connection between the bath and the stove. The Hot Tub with outside heater is therefore heated completely naturally, no pump is required.

How Far Can The Heater Be From The Hot Tub

For the plastic hot tub with external heater, we are often asked the distance at which the heater can stand from the Hot Tub. The main rule here is that the heater should be placed as close to the hot tub as possible, that is, 15 to 20 cm maximum. By keeping the distance as short as possible, good circulation is possible and the heater will not overheat. If you kept a longer distance, too slow a flow could cause the heater to overheat, with all its consequences.

How Does The External Heater Get Outside The Hot Tub

The purpose of the outdoor heater is to heat up the water as quickly as possible so that you do not have to wait long to enjoy the Hot Tub. However, the purpose of this heater is not to heat up the environment.

Since the stove is always double-walled, hot water will absorb the heat and circulate to the bath itself. A frequently asked question is whether the heater is hot on the outside. However, this is not the case, it is often best to compare the stove with a central heating system in the house. This one is warm, but you won’t be able to burn your hands on it.

Advantages Of The Plastic Hot Tub with External Heater

Although the Hot Tub with its internal stove has a unique look and feel and it can be very cozy and mood-setting because the stove is in the bath, the plastic hot tub with external stove also has advantages such as:

  • The inner tub itself can be cleaned faster, no stove and rack that attracts dirt.
  • The external heater is a little easier to light.
  • More space if you compare with the same diameter of the tub.
  • Even more safety for children.
  • In general, the Hottub with an internal heater is perceived as more atmospheric or authentic. The tub with an external heater as more practical in ease of use.

Prices Of External Heater Models

We generally supply external outdoor heaters with an aluminum interior for the fastest heat transfer. On request, however, stainless steel outdoor heaters are also available which have a longer heat-up time (not our preference). Each outdoor hot tub has a double wall around the fireplace. As soon as you fill the hot tub with water, the external heater will also fill in the double-wall with cold water. As soon as the hot tub is filled, you start firing and heat transfer takes place via the aluminum interior of the stove. The water in the intermediate wall becomes warmer and rises and circulates back through the upper tube to your hot tub.

3 variants of external heaters; the extended, the extended + 45 kW, the extended + 55 kW Variants of external heaters.

We supply standard 3 variants of external heaters, namely: Average heating times depending on the model, season and method of heating between 1.75 – 2.0 hours (calculated from 15 degrees to 38 degrees).

external outdoor heaters

Built-in Hot Tub with External Heather (and Pump)

We have been supplying built-in plastic hot tubs with internal heaters for many years because there has always been natural circulation. Since 2018, however, we have carefully started the production of built-in plastic hot tubs with an external heater, equipped with a slow circulation pump and alarm protection. The alarm protection will alert the user that as soon as the circulation is lost, the heater will have to be extinguished. With the arrival of this variant built-in hot tub, we see new possibilities for those who want to integrate their sitting or lounge corner with the hot tub and the standing outdoor heater.

Smoke Extraction

Our models are standard equipped with a 15 cm diameter chimney single wall.

The chimney comes standard in 2 pieces of 1 meter stainless steel pipe with rain hat

We can also deliver spark arresters to the chimney.

If you place the Hot Tub under a roof, we can deliver the following:

Nodding 45 or 90 degrees