Kunststof inbouw hottub met interne kachel

Plastic hot tub with internal heater.

For optimum cosiness and atmosphere in a wood-fired outdoor pool, Welltub has the Plastic Hot Tub with internal heater. An internal or indoor heater stands completely in the bath and rises just above the edge of the Hot Tub. The water can therefore never run into it.

kunststof hottub met interne houtkachel


Operation of the internal wood stove

An internal or indoor heater is located in the hot tub. For your safety, the stove is always placed behind a protective panel so that you cannot touch it while bathing. The internal heater has the filling opening at the top. This is always a few centimetres above the water surface so that water can never flow into it. With an internal heater it is the intention that you fire at the bottom of the stove. At the same time, water flows along the aluminium stove, so that the water heats up quickly. As standard our internal stoves are made of aluminium because aluminium heats up the water much faster than stainless steel. Stainless steel has a much higher speed point than aluminium. The downside of this, of course, is that the aluminium stove is more vulnerable than stainless steel, but if you manage it with care, this risk is negligible.

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Plastic hot tub with internal or external heater?

The difference compared to an external (external) stove is that the internal stove gives a little more atmosphere and cosiness while bathing. You will hear the crackling and crackling of burning wood, you can refill the stove while bathing and you do not have to get out to refill the stove. A possible disadvantage of the internal stove is the cleaning and emptying of the stove which takes a little more time compared to an external version.
Characteristic of the internal stove is that you have a good view of the fire while burning, standing near the Hot Tub you can easily look inside the stove and you have better control over the process. The filler mouth of the stove is large so that you can put large blocks of wood in it and easily remove ash from it afterwards.


Advantages of aluminium Turbo inner heater

The advantage of the aluminium stove is that aluminium gives off the heat much faster than, for example, stainless steel.  You can therefore heat up the welltub hot tub within approx. 1.5-2 hours to a temperature of approx. 38 degrees.  Other advantages of the placed TURBO heater are :
The heater is made of ‘marine aluminium’ and therefore has a fast heat transfer;
The top edge of the filling opening contains a double folded edge to prevent deformation in case of overheating;
A solid lid wooden handle has been chosen so that you have a good grip over a hot lid.

interne hottub kachel

Smoke removal

the plastic hot tub with internal heater are standard equipped with a 15 cm diameter chimney single wall.
the chimney is standard delivered in 2 pieces of stainless steel pipe of 1 meter with rain hat.
We can also supply spark arrestors at the chimney.
If you place the Hot Tub under a canopy we can deliver the following:
45 or 90 degree bends

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kunststof hottub met interne hout kachel

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