Witte kunststof hottub

A plastic Hot tub with optimal ease of use.


The Welltub Plastic Hot tub is made by us in such a way that you retain an optimal atmosphere by means of the beautiful wooden finish. you can also have the bath with optional wooden edges. optimal ease of use of the plastic tub is experienced during bathing and during maintenance.

kunststof hottub wit

Plastic LDPE will last a lifetime

Thanks to the LDPE plastic inner tub you buy a plastic hot tub for your life. After all, the LDPE plastic does not decay, is flexible and tough, and is also UV resistant.  The inner tub is available in granite black or white and on request in a different colour. The plastic hot tubs are often rented out and undergo the biggest parties, thus proving their quality.

Hottub strand

Ergonomic inner shell

Furthermore, with this plastic inner shell all values are in good balance with each other, such as the height of the shell, the sitting height and width of the benches, the extent to which the walls slope and the effective legroom. The cockpit is ergonomically shaped and the benches have a wide seat, while maintaining sufficient legroom.

Advantages of the plastic hot tub

Another important advantage of a plastic Hot Tub is that you can also leave the Hot Tub temporarily empty. (e.g. in case of severe frost or holiday period). With the wooden models it was wiser not to do this because leaks could occur after some time. A third important advantage of the Welltub tub is that, in terms of height, seat height and footwell, it is perfectly tailored to an average family size of 4-6 people. With the ideal height of approx. 99 to 104 cm, you will also be surrounded by hot water all the way over your shoulders in winter.

Various types of plastic hot tubs

Baths made of materials other than LDPE, such as glass fibre or polypropylene, are also currently on offer. In contrast to LDPE, which lasts a lifetime, these tubs are very subject to scratching, osmosis and can crack weld seams (PP). We do not support this because the tubs only have a limited lifespan (cracks, fractures, not UV resistant, osmosis etc…).  If you opt for quality, always choose a Welltub LDPE plastic tub.

Plastic Hot tub & professional use

Thanks to multiple rental networks, the hottubs have been rented out in the Netherlands and Belgium for several years. Like no other we have gained a lot of experience with tenants of our plastic hottubs. Do you have a group accommodation, holiday home or do you rent a holiday home, B&B, then we would like to get in touch with you. We will be happy to share our knowledge with you and provide your hot tub with customised solutions (extra-large drainage, children’s locks, etc.).
– Hot tub rental
– Group accommodations

You buy directly from the factory in NL

All Welltub Hot tubs are manufactured in the Netherlands, and delivered directly from the Netherlands to the customer. So you don’t pay high costs from Scandinavia or the Baltic States. Because we take our quality assurance very seriously, we have almost everything under our own control. Would you like to take a look at how we produce our plastic hottubs ? If so, please call the general number: + 31 (0) 548 870 390 in advance.