Welltub uses special materials to offer you optimum safety and improved materials. The plastic tub is produced with a unique production process. This offers important advantages over other hot tubs.

  • Available in 4 sizes
  • 3 colors LOPE Inner tubs
  • Available with wooden thermowood top edge and folded LOPE edge
  • Best seating comfort
  • LOPE plastic molded from 1 piece inside tub
  • Weld seams in the bath excluded
  • No leakage possible
  • No osmosis of polyester or fiberglass
  • Water-saving design
  • Fast heating of the water
  • Raw materials of the highest quality
  • Safety is paramount
  • 100% recyclable inside tub
  • Own production and design
  • Authentic appearance
  • Breathable wooden frame
  • Long Life
  • Easy maintenance


Welltub wants to make sure that every hot tub gets its place in every place. That is why Welltub can cover the outside of the tub with wood. This gives the tub its authentic appearance. the tubs are available as built-in or surface-mounted hot tubs with or without thermowood wooden frame. The thermal wood has been subjected to heat treatment to increase its resistance. The thermo wood is characterized by its high durability (class I / II), very low moisture absorption and its tropical appearance. we can also supply redcedar wood on request. The cedar wood is a beautiful wood that gives the Welltub its luxurious appearance. It is light and durable. the rack for the internal heater is made of thermowood. With this, we want to guarantee safety and improved materials.


we use special boards for wooden frame with grooves. These grooves make it possible to let the wooden frame breathe. Due to temperature differences, the moisture between the wood paneling and the tub is easily removed in this way. The extra stainless steel straps perfect any Welltub. The beautiful wooden frame of thermowood or red cedar wood in combination with the stainless steel bands gives the Welltub its authentic appearance.