Inbouw kunststof hottub

Self-built hot tub, build or create your own wellness garden ?

Would you like to make your own hottub or build your own ?  Also then we might be able to do something for you. As a manufacturer we can supply you with various separate self-built hottub parts or in the form of a kit. We deliver as such :
plastic inner tubs made of LDPE;
indoor or outdoor heaters;
wooden edges;
stair railings (wood or stainless steel);
filter systems ;
If you are going to make or build your own hottub, please let us know, maybe we can help you with the self-assembly hottub.


Built-in hot tub with internal wood heater

inbouw hottub met interne hout kachel

built-in hot tub with external wood heater

tub inbouwen met externe kachel

The hot tub inside tub, tubs, hot tub tray

If you want to make your own hottub with our tub as a base, you can of course always do so. the self-built hottubs are available from 465,– Euro incl. VAT. We can deliver the self-built hottub in the colours granite white or granite black. When purchasing a hottub, do not always look at low tub prices, but take a look at the differences beforehand. An LDPE tub cannot be compared to other materials such as PP (welded seams), glass fibre (scratch sensitive, osmosis) or HDPE.
Secondly, our tubs are available separately, but if you want to install a Hot Tub you will probably also need an insulation ring under the benches. These are of course also available separately from us.
– Hot tub tubs

hottub Bak

insulated covers or plastic lid for the welltub hot tub

If you would like to buy a plastic self-assembly hot tub from welltub we can recommend the suitable insulated cover or plastic lid.

zelf een hottub bouwen

Thermowood wood parts

We also supply wooden components such as edges, frames and support plates for the self-assembly hot tub.
As we assemble our welltub Hot Tubs ourselves, we can supply you with various parts in thermowood. For example, we can supply custom-made thermowood staircases, drinks trays, board sets for panelling around your hot tub, wooden edges for your self-assembly hot tub, lids. We like to think along with your garden project. For garden ideas you can also go to the page for built-in finishing. Perhaps this will provide new inspiration for your wellness garden.
– Stairs of thermowood
– Bar cupholder
– Wooden edges made of thermowood


Hot tub heaters

Internal and external heaters available separately.
Our hot tubs are all equipped with powerful wood-burning stoves with a high net efficiency varying from 20-55 kW. For example, we supply 20 kW aluminium indoor stoves, as well as 55 kW outdoor stoves (hammer blow coated).  If you would also like to integrate the outdoor stove with your terrace, we also supply wood-burning stoves with a glass window. If you consider ordering a separate outdoor heater from us, please realise that not every outdoor heater will fit on every self-assembly hot tub. With an outdoor stove it is important that the stove passages in your own Hot tub are matched to the height of the passages in the stove. For example, the top pass-through in your Hot Tub should not be lower than that of the new stove. If you have any doubts about this, please let us know in advance.