supply conditions

These terms and conditions apply to every delivery between Entrepreneur and Buyer. Our Hot Tubs are delivered by means of a truck with a hydraulic tailgate. The Hottub is assembled completely, delivered as a whole upright on a pallet. Because the Hottub is supplied on a pallet, it can easily be placed in the right position with a pump cart. The Hottub can also be lifted easily if required. You will receive an e-mail from us when your order leaves our factory. You will also be called by our transport partner at least one day in advance to agree a delivery time. Smaller packages are sent with DPD parcel post. Delivery time. Delivery of the Products takes place on working days between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. The Buyer must be able to provide proof of identity to the carrier upon receipt of the Products.


If the transport company classifies the road as non-passable, the Buyer is obliged to collect the Products at the nearest freight terminal. Any additional transport costs that this entails will be borne by the Buyer.

Inspect shipment.

The entrepreneur is obliged to inspect the Products upon receipt. If the Buyer discovers on receipt that the shipment was damaged during transport, the Buyer must immediately inform the shipping company here. The damage found by the Buyer must then be described in the waybill. The document must be signed by the Buyer and the transport company. In the event that the transport company declines liability for the damage, the Buyer must contact Welltub.

Incomplete shipment.

If Products ordered by the Buyer are missing in the shipment, the Buyer must contact Welltub as soon as possible.

Do not take delivery of the shipment.

The transport company will, at the request of the entrepreneur, contact the Buyer for delivery to agree on a delivery date. In the event that a shipment is not received, as agreed between the parties, a second delivery attempt will be agreed. The additional costs for a second delivery attempt must be paid by the Buyer.

Delivery location.

In the event that the Products are delivered directly to the delivery address agreed with the Buyer, the unloading shall take place, unless otherwise specified in the general terms and conditions or otherwise agreed between the parties, at the buyer’s boundary or as close to the boundary as possible. transport company believes it can come, given the local circumstances.

Follow-up transport.

In the event that the Products are to be transported further from the agreed delivery address at the direction of the Buyer, the Products are considered to have been delivered at the time that they have been transferred to another independent transport company or have been unloaded on location in consultation with the Buyer.