Want to buy a hot tub in 2021?


At Welltub we produce our own LDPE plastic hot tubs.
why buy a hot tub in 2021 ? Dutch manufacturer that guarantees the quality.

Our company has been producing LDPE plastic products for more than 25 years.

Thanks to our own production we can take your wishes into account.

Thanks to our own production we can keep our quality level high.


Quality: a good basis is half the battle.

The welltub plastic inner tub is made of LDPE plastic.

This material is tough, durable plastic that lasts a lifetime, scratch resistant and UV resistant.

Secondly, the heaters have been tested for longer periods of time and we guarantee a fast warm-up time!

The hot tubs have an authentic atmosphere thanks to the thermowood frame and the optional wooden edges.

At the welltubs you can choose a heater in the bath or next to the bath.