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Top quality LDPE plastic hot tubs

Welltub the specialist in high quality LDPE plastic hot tubs. Welltub is the official manufacturer of LDPE heated plastic hot tubs Compact and Extended. We want to make these hottubs a spa experience for everyone, in every season and in every place. Pure relaxation with the whole family. Wellness fun with family and friends. The Plastic tub offers you only one goal: total relaxation and optimum enjoyment in your leisure time. That’s why we only offer hot tubs with excellent quality and at the same time safety features.


We strive to provide customers with the best possible service, which is why the hottubs are designed, developed and manufactured in our own factory. The entire process, from the first brush drawing when designing a new hottub to shipping, remains in our own hands. Welltub guarantees and offers you an excellent service.


We are very interested in the wishes of our customers. The goal of Welltub is to make wellness accessible for everyone. The welltub series consists of 2 versions. If you have little space, the Welltub Compact is the perfect hot tub for your needs. Thanks to its internal heater, it takes up little space and still offers enough space for 2-6 people. If you have enough space to set up a hot tub, we recommend the Welltub Extended. This hot tub has an external heater that allows you to get the most out of this generous tub. The Extended is suitable for 4/6 people. Each Welltub has a LDPE moulded inner tub. As a result there are no welds and the tub is very easy to clean. In addition, the Welltub saves water thanks to the integrated bench and thanks to the cleverly installed insulation, the water can be heated quickly.


Welltub the specialist in high quality LDPE plastic hot tubs has designed the tubs to provide you with perfect relaxation and enjoyment. That is why the development of the Welltub has paid special attention to quality, safety and environmental friendliness. To guarantee these properties, we use a unique inner tub made of LDPE plastic. Welltub has designed the bath in such a way that the LDPE extends to the top of the hot tub. Because of Welltub’s unique new production process, the inner tub is protected against leakage. The bath is in fact cast in one piece and not composed of different materials. Osmosis can therefore be excluded. Moreover, the Welltub is an environmentally friendly product because of its 100% recyclable inner tub made of LDPE plastic.


In order to be able to offer all customers the best possible service, Welltub designs, develops and manufactures the hottubs in its own Rotary Casting Plant. Welltub manages the entire process from design to production and from ordering to shipping on its own. Each Welltub is therefore manufactured with the same Dutch craftsmanship. Because of its excellent price-quality ratio, there is a great demand for the Welltub in Europe. The Welltub is mainly sold in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria. In these countries Welltub supplies its Hot tubs to private individuals and companies, as well as to regular customers in Europe.


In our 2000m2 warehouse all hottubs are ready for dispatch.

The Hot Tubs can be picked up immediately or delivered within 5 working days.

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