Welltub gives a guarantee on all products that you purchase from us.

We guarantee that your purchase will do what you can reasonably expect from it. The legal guarantee periods can, therefore, be seen as a guaranteed minimum period. Within this period your purchase will be repaired free of charge or if repair is not possible. If your product falls outside the warranty period, that does not always mean that your warranty has expired. It also does not always mean that we treat your purchase under warranty. The (purchase) value of a product will to a large extent be decisive for the treatment of your defective product outside the stated warranty period. We always look realistically at the value and use.

However, improper use is never covered by any form of warranty.

Even if you have had modifications made to a product yourself without written permission from us, your warranty will also expire. Always contact us in case of a defect, especially when the warranty still applies.

Of course, we are always there for you with questions about products or the warranty.