We are an independent producer of the high quality wood fired LDPE plastic hottubs with sales channels in the Benelux and Germany. We produce the plastic hottubs under our own management, in order to keep our quality level high and to be flexible on all your wishes.


Our company has approx. 25 years of experience with LDPE cast products.
For 10 years we have been building our own wood-fired, high quality LDPE plastic hot tubs. Thanks to our own production we can deliver quality hottubs and take all your wishes into account. Convince yourself and take a look at our photo gallery with many pictures we received from satisfied customers from home and


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What to consider when buying a plastic hot tub ?

Our advice is to carefully prepare yourself when purchasing a hot tub, please visit one of our points of sale. Decide for yourself for how many people you are looking for a Hot Tub, whether the hot tub should be built-in or not, and whether you want a heater in the bath, or outside the tub. Based on your wishes we can select various models for you in a variety Our starting point is to be able to offer you the optimal solution, our hot tub team is ready for you!

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6 steps when purchasing a Hot tub
– Please read this website carefully, especially the news sections.
– Decide for yourself what the hot tub should meet (number of people, built-in or standing model, internal or external heater);
– Check the prices in our shop
– Visit one of our points of sale, where you can ask all your questions about a hottub;
– Ask for a proposal with specifications and other conditions;
– Order online in our webshop, or contact us by phone.

Why the high-quality LDPE plastic Hot tub from Welltub?

Quality ! A good basis is half the work. A high quality LDPE plastic Hot tub is the first to have a solid and strong inner bowl made of LDPE plastic. This is a tough, solid plastic that lasts a lifetime, is scratch resistant and UV resistant.
Secondly, there has to be a good balance between the water volume in your Hot tub and the power of the stove. If these are in balance – as with a Welltub – then your Tub will quickly be brought to a pleasant body temperature within 2 hours.
A third reason to choose a Welltub Hot tub is the authentic atmosphere of thermowood and optional wooden edges. These wooden edges give you the opportunity to sit in between bathing, or to place your drink on top of it.

High quality LDPE plastic hottub as self-assembly hottub.

A built-in Hot Tub, the hottub to dig in.
Thanks to our own production, we specialise in hot tubs for digging in. Built-in Hot Tubs that are composed entirely according to your garden situation. The built-in hot tub gives more privacy, and can be nicely integrated with your garden terrace or lounge area. We have seen surprising results when you finish the hottub all around and it turns out that it does not look out of place in a living or garden magazine.


Fast but above all good delivery

Once you have made your choice, you will of course want to quickly enjoy your high-quality LDPE plastic hot tub. Thanks to sophisticated logistics, we can therefore also deliver quickly. Most standard models are available within one working week. However, if you would like a built-in hot tub, or wood-fired outdoor spa, there may be some delivery time associated with this, as these are assembled entirely according to customer wishes. However, please clearly state your wishes at the time of purchase so that we can take them into account as much as possible.

Hot Tub delivery;

Welltub Hottubs is also there for you!
We are an internationally operating company and deliver our baths not only in the Benelux, but also in our surrounding countries in Western Europe.
If you live abroad you can also visit the following websites of us.

In the Netherlands and Belgium : https://www.welltub.nl

In Austria, Germany and Switzerland (German-speaking) : https://www.welltub.de